My skills:
  • Strong knowledge of Content Management Systems
  • Highly disciplined, good team player, well organized, and detail oriented
  • Excellent knowledge of MS Project
  • Ability to work under pressure handling multiple tasks simultaneously
  • Extensive experience in organizing different kinds of events
  • Solid expertise in organization of company work-flows
  • 11 years of professional work experience in international organizations
Michael Gold, Managing Director/CEO, Crimson Capital Corp.

July 2011

I would like to give Suren my highest professional and personal recommendation. I've known Suren for many years. Originally we worked together on the USAID MEDI project. On MEDI, Suren managed all the PR, communications and events and there were many. Everything under his direction went flawlessly. Suren is extremely well organized and connected, and has a great attention to detail, getting things done and getting the best results. He works hard and is a team player. He can be absolutely trusted on all matters.

In late 2009, I saw an opportunity to create a project in Armenia to help banks introduce new lending instruments to help SMEs.  I needed to fly to Yerevan on extremely short notice and in only a few days have over 30 meetings with key financial institutions, government officials, consulting firms, associations, NGOs, agencies, etc.  Many firms and people offered their services, but it was clear to me that they simply would not be able to accomplish what I needed.  So I called Suren and explained what I wanted to do and asked for him to manage it and implement it for me.  I said I would need at least 5-8 meetings per day, with the very top people, car, driver, translator, etc.  Suren said, “You know Michael jan, what you are asking for is impossible.”  I said, “Yes, Suren, believe me, I know.  That’s why I’m asking you to do it!  Don’t worry about lunch or breaks or anything else – just get me all these meetings in this little time.”

So I hired Suren and he accomplished the impossible.  I ended up with even more meetings than I hoped for and better meetings.  I had a car, driver and translator at my disposal and didn’t have to worry about anything.  Suren constantly checked in with the driver and translator and with the people I was going to meet with.  The trip was extremely successful – we won the project and the project itself was very successful.

I would hire Suren again in a second and look forward to working with him in the future.  He is a great colleague and professional.

Please feel free to contact me for any additional information or if you have any questions.

Best regards,


Michael Gold
Managing Director/CEO
Crimson Capital Corp.
Crimson Finance Funds

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Ramiro Ortega Landa, Director, SME, Rural and Agricultural Finance, Crimson Capital

May 2010

I have know Suren since January of 2010. From our first acquaintance, he manifested an unusual blend of leadership, commitment, strong technical skills, work ethics, and communication abilities. I have seen these qualities becoming enhanced, as we furthered our experiences. I strongly believe he is an outstanding professional and having myself the experience of working with Suren, I fully endorse him as I am certain that he will leave lasting memories of his creativity, sound technical experience and sincere enthusiasm in each of the endeavors and works he takes on.

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Mher Manukyan, Senior Communications Specialist, Booz Allen Hamilton Inc., USAID Armenia Tax Improvement Program
January 2008

“Together with Suren we have implemented numerous activities including preparation of print materials for taxpayers (booklets, brochures, handbook, taxpayer calendar, etc.), design and launch of the new State Tax Service and ATIP web sites, production of award-winning TV ads campaign “Pay Your Taxes”, etc. In all these activities.

Suren proved to be a real professional, who grabs the idea immediately. He is a great team player, while can effectively work without supervision (e.g. when he trained State Tax Service staff on web site content management system). The scope of his knowledge and skills is very broad ranging from public relations to IT and web development, from design to economic analysis. Suren is very punctual and keen to meet deadlines. He is very supportive not only to his direct colleagues but to everyone in the team will it be related to a minor computer problem or organizing and supervising work of a team. In a word, Suren has been successful in all activities that he implemented. In addition, he is a great person to work with. I would highly recommend Suren for hiring.”

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Fernando Maldonado, Business Development Advisor, Chemonics International Inc., USAID Armenia Micro Enterprise Development Initiative

January 2008
“Suren is a diligent, detail oriented individual who is technology savvy and a great problem solver. You can always depend on Suren to solve a problem, and if he cannot do it himself, he will recommend the right people and resources to get the job done. I had the pleasure of working with Suren on a few projects during my time as a Business Development Advisor under the USAID Armenia Micro Enterprise Development Initiative. I learned a lot from Suren and knew I could depend on him as a solid teammate to help complete projects, often under tight deadlines.”

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

Jamey Butcher, Chemonics International Inc., USAID Armenia Micro Enterprise Development Initiative
April 10, 2006

Jamey Butcher
Chief of Party (February 2006 - September 2007)
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) / Armenia Micro Enterprise Development Initiative (MEDI)

To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked with Suren Ohanyan on the USAID Micro Enterprise Development Initiative (MEDI) for the past 18 months, the past three of which have been in a supervisory capacity. During this year and a half I have had many opportunities to work directly with Suren in planning and carrying-out events, implementing MEDI’s communication strategy, and developing IT resources that our project has used to better achieve our goals and objectives.

Suren has acted as MEDI’s Communications Specialist for the duration of our project – almost three years. Prior to this he worked in the same capacity on Chemonics’ legal reform project. In this role he has effectively led the development and implementation of MEDI’s communications strategy which includes the development and upkeep of our website, the design and development of our communications materials, and the coordination of all of our events. In coordinating events, Suren is responsible for the event’s success or failure. This means that he holds staff accountable for technical inputs, he organizes coverage of the event, and does everything needed to ensure that the event is properly carried out. In this and other capacities he has exceeded our expectations. He is very conscientious about the quality of his work and often stays late and works weekends to see that everything is accomplished up to his high expectations.

Suren is one of those employees whose actual work load and responsibilities have evolved beyond his position description. Often times we call upon Suren to not only manage an activity but provide technical input to that activity as well. One such example was a business-to-business (B2B) meeting held last December. During the initial planning for this event we asked Suren to develop an electronic system of registration that would allow participants to view other participant profiles on-line thereby allowing for better linkages to be created prior to the event. Not only did Suren willingly agree to take on these added tasks but he completed them in a highly competent, professional manner. Suren managed the development of an electronic registration and information sharing system which is now a model for other B2B events that Chemonics conducts around the world. This system substantially improved the team’s ability to facilitate the B2B meeting. This is just one example of many where Suren has gone beyond the already high responsibilities we have set for him.

Suren continues to be an employee whose value added has been substantial to MEDI. I am sure that his talents and hard work would be a welcome addition to any organization who hires him.


Jamey Butcher
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Chrys Miliaras, Chemonics International Inc., USAID Armenia Micro Enterprise Development Initiative
May 2006

Chrys Miliaras
Chief of Party (June 2003 - February 2006)
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) / Armenia Micro Enterprise Development Project (MEDI)
To Whom It May Concern:
Suren worked for me for two and a half years as a communications specialist. During that time, he was an extremely conscientious and a highly professional employee. I could always count on Suren to deliver what I demanded of him and to do so in a very competent manner and positive attitude. I also appreciated the fact that Suren would volunteer his opinion on things and make proactive recommendations on solving problems. He takes great pride in his work and really cares about what he does. As such, I never felt that his job with MEDI was ever just a job; it meant much more to him than that.

Regarding specific communications skills and abilities, Suren developed greatly as a professional during our time working together. We created many innovative documents on MEDI including our project newsletter, brochure, and three highly interactive project websites, and Suren was the point person for coordinating all of these activities. He has very strong organization skills and knows how to manage subcontractors effectively. In addition, he is very knowledge about the design side of communications as well. Specifically, he has learned a great deal in this area and knows who the best design studios are regarding print and video and is good at working in teams to come up with the best design for whatever document/material you are trying to develop. He is also very strong as far as event planning goes with regard to arranging venues, dealing with the press, etc. All in all, I think that Suren would serve you very well on your project/company.

Please let me know if you have any questions or require more information on Suren.


Chrys Miliaras
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Gahmk Markarian, Chief of Party, USAID Armenia Rule of Law and Commercial Law Activity Project
July 18, 2002

Dear Sir/Madam:

I am Chief of Party for the USAID/Armenia Rule of Law – Commercial Law Project being implemented by Chemonics International Inc., a position I have held since the beginning of February 2002. From September 1999 to August 2001 I was the Project’s Rule of Law Advisor, and from August 2001 until January 2002, Senior Rule of Law Advisor. Suren Ohanyan was hired by our project in May 2000 as Public Outreach / Training Program / Monitoring & Evaluation Coordinator, and I have worked directly with him in the more than two years since then.

Suren’s work for Chemonics has involved overseeing and coordinating the implementation of our Project’s training plan, public outreach plan, and monitoring and evaluation plan. On the training side, Suren has handled the organizational and logistical arrangements for all of our Project’s training activities since he started working for us, including negotiating with the training site, overseeing the preparation of training materials, and making all necessary arrangements. Suren’s public outreach work for us has involved developing ideas for Project public outreach activities (e.g., town-hall meetings, television and radio programs, brochures), handling all the logistical arrangements for such activities, negotiating with local counterparts and service providers, finalizing the work product (e.g., TV show scripts, brochures)and, in the case of publications, overseeing the distribution of the final product. In the case of monitoring and evaluation, his work has involved overseeing the collection of data, compiling the data, then systematizing and evaluating it.

In short, Suren has been involved in the planning of virtually every activity connected with any aspect of our project. This work has involved extensive negotiating with local organizations. It has also resulted in Suren’s developing wide knowledge of the workings of an international development assistance project, given that our training, public awareness, and monitoring and evaluation activities have cut across all of our Project’s sectors.

In all instances, Suren demonstrated a thorough understanding of what was required, was extremely efficient in planning and organizing these activities, and frequently offered suggestions on how the Project’s training activities, public outreach work, and monitoring and evaluation work might be improved. In fact, in all of his work for us, Suren has demonstrated high intelligence, excellent organizational skills, and solid understanding of what was expected, both from him personally and from the Project as a whole.

I believe that he would do an excellent job in a position with similar responsibilities and have no hesitation in recommending him for such a position. I will be happy to answer any question you might have.

Very truly yours,

Gahmk Markarian
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Greg Jacobs, Director - Programs, Crimson Capital

November 2005

I was always impressed with Suren's attention to detail and ability to get multiple tasks done on tight deadlines. He is one of the best Communications Specialists I have ever worked with.


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